We always have a variety of tasks for repairing and maintaining the clubhouse's building and grounds. A variety of skilled and unskilled work is available and any amount of time you are able to contribute would be appreciated. Also, keep in mind that we are eligible to sign off on volunteer hours required for high schoolers, Boy Scouts or community service.


As we increase the use of the clubhouse, we will need help managing our events. Let us know if you would like to volunteer to help with these activities. As always, open to your suggestions for use of the clubhouse: entertainment, social, educational and recreational.


Currently, we are focussed on preserving and maintaining the building and grounds. Supplies for sanding, caulking and painting will be needed. As we finish restoration of the clubhouse kitchen we will be needing appliances and food prep items. We will also be in need of materials in the fall, when we plan to start repairs to the roof. Rewiring the clubhouse is also on our "to do" list.


We are working towards qualifying the clubhouse as a 501c3, non-profit entity. Once established, we will be looking for help with sponsorships, partnerships, and grants. In the meantime, consider ways to use social media, word of mouth or any other means to promote a broader interest in this significant historical site. 

The Phillippi Crest Club, Inc. is registered in Florida as a not for profit corporation.

Federal tax exemption has not been registered.