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Saturday, Dec 5, 8-12pm

Save the Clubhouse!

UPDATE: You did it! Contributed enough money to cover the expense of tenting the Clubhouse for termites!!!

Huge thanks to all who contributed.

Termite Tenting Fund Raiser

Phillippi Crest Community Club

The clubhouse is being eaten by termites – the situation is out of control.

We have worked for years to repair the damages caused by time and weather, but unless we get rid of the termites, we will soon have no clubhouse to repair – or to enjoy with family and friends.

The cost of tenting is $2150, far more than our annual dues can cover.

Pledges from our hard-working board members total $640, which will cover 30% of the termite tenting.

We are challenging members of our community to help us raise the funds to reach our goal – preserving the historic clubhouse. We are hoping you can help us preserve the Phillippi Crest Community Clubhouse with your generous pledge to help rid the building of termites.

The termites will continue to do damage to the structure and the furniture it holds, and expenses will only increase. The best time to tent was years ago, the next best time is now.

If you have enjoyed yourself at the clubhouse, if you think this beautiful structure is worth preserving, please…

Mail your donation to:

Phillippi Crest Community Club

2421 Burlington Lane

Sarasota, FL 34231

PCC KIDS can help, too!

By submitting artwork for an ART SHOW at the Annual Yard Sale on December 5.

Themes include: Save the Clubhouse! Or Terminate the Termites!

Entries are limited to 2 per child/student and must be 8.5 x 11 or 9 x 12 inches.

Artwork can be brought to the Annual Yard Sale or mailed or delivered to the clubhouse (place in the plastic bin with a green lid on the clubhouse porch).

Board members have pledged to donate an additional $4 to the Save the Clubhouse fund

for every drawing received by December 5 at the ANNUAL YARD SALE!!!!!

OTHER ARTISTS – We will be promoting on our Facebook page, so if you’re inspired to create and share an image to encourage donations to this project, please send them as a jpg file to

"Kitchen Clean-Up"

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