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2023  'State of the Clubhouse' 

2023 was a pivotal year for the The Philippi Crest Club, Inc by finally becoming a 501(c)(3), tax deductible non profit public charity. Full steam ahead with fundraising and grant applications! Our immediate objectives are replacing the roof, restoring the floor, upgrading the electrical system and finishing the kitchen. You can make a contribution here.

PCC Board members, Elizabeth Dexter, Ted Ritter, Anja Palombo and volunteer consultants, Terry Pierson and Joan Libby-Hawk have taken up the massive task of grant writing and will soon be applying for funds on the clubhouse's behalf. 

Ted was also able to establish a connection with Suncoast Technical College Adult Electricity Program teacher, Adam Usher and his students, who have agreed to donate their time and expertise to upgrade the clubhouse electrical system. 

This year, in addition to re-tarping the clubhouse roof, board members Tom Hicks, with Jim Ferguson, Joel Palombo, Ted Ritter and volunteers, Thom Alvis and Jenni Ezell replaced the front porch and ramp. 

Speaking of Tom, the PCC was sad to say goodbye this year to Tom and Susan Hicks after 22 years as Maine Colony residents and PCC Board members. Susan and Tom were instrumental in maintaining the clubhouse and regularly organized events for the community. We bid them a fond farewell as they traded salt life for the mountains of North Carolina.

An amplified "thank you!" to board member, Fred Nowicki for his major score of procuring for the clubhouse its own sound system! And an extra decibel of appreciation for his ability to know how to set it up and run it. 

Last spring, The Phillippi Crest Club participated in the History Day at Phillippi Estate Park and last month hosted the Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation and the History & Preservation Coalition of Sarasota event announcing their 2023 list of the SIX TO SAVE historic properties.

This year we welcomed two new board members, Ted Ritter and Pat Rodriguez and accepted the resignation of Bruce Robinson, who remains active in supporting the efforts of the PCC.  Jim Ferguson took over the role of Vice-President of the board (and supervisor of the restoration and maintenance of the clubhouse).

A special shout out to the PCC's longest serving board member and treasurer, Carol Felten. Carol and husband Mike have been Maine Colony residents for 45 years!  

Another long time Maine colonist and realtor, Merryl Koven continues her offer to donate 10% of her commission to the PCC when she receives a neighborhood referral. And big thanks to George Karabastos, Colleen Merrigan, Ray Williams, Bob and Karen Diamond, Phillip Thierman, and Harma Nyhof for their ongoing support and dedication to the clubhouse and its mission. 

In addition to the "Concerts for the Roof " fundraising series, Anja and Joel continue to attract new and exciting music and art events to the clubhouse. They start the new year at the clubhouse with a unique international art exhibition, Postcards from Utopia on Saturday, Jan 13, 3-6pm.

The third annual Maine Colony Community Day will be held on Saturday, March 2, 11am-4pm. Thrilled to have The Maine Line food truck (voted  #1 lobster roll in Sarasota!) joining us that day. We still have room for vendors and organizations to take part.

As always, we welcome your support, input and participation and invite community members to our monthly board meetings, held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Meet the PCC board!


Jeffrey Frank

Co-President, Phillippi Crest Club, Inc

2022  'State of the Clubhouse' 

Another year, another hurricane and our nearly century old clubhouse remains standing!

But not without the efforts of its members and the support of those who share an appreciation of community and preserving historical architecture. This year, in addition to monetary donations, we totaled just over 1,000 volunteer hours! 

We've had a very active year with the ongoing "Concerts for the Roof" series and partnering with Ringling College, both headed by PCC Co-President Anja Palombo and PCC Secretary, Joel  Palombo, a movie night from member, Elizabeth Dexter, Yard Sale, organized by PCC Treasurer, Carol Felten and my 'passion project': our first "Maine Colony Community Day".

Vice President and head of Building and Grounds, Tom Hicks continues his heroic efforts to maintain running water and power, along with mowing and tree trimming. Tom led a team of PCC members, George Karabastos, Ray Williams and Thom Alvis, in installing a beautiful new window and working sink in the kitchen. Next up for the kitchen: lighting and painting.

Board member, Fred Nowicki has been lending his tech expertise in assisting with sound and donating lighting for our concert series and other events.

Newest board member, Bruce Robinson, old board member Jim Ferguson, along with past board President, Susan Hicks, Mike Felten and Colleen Merrigan were all always ready to lend a hand when needed. 

Sadly, Leslie Drinkwater tendered her resignation from the PCC Board. Leslie came to the rescue more times than I have space to list here. She promises to continue being a resource as needed.

FYI: We have an open board seat in need of an occupant...

Stay tuned for upcoming events, including our second annual Maine Colony Community Day, Sat, April 1, 11-4. Please let us know if you are able to assist with this event or would like to provide talent, sell/promote relevant goods/services, contribute to the silent auction, or help with marketing. 


Thanks to all who support the clubhouse and participate in our events! 

Jeffrey Frank

Co-President, Phillippi Crest Club, Inc

2021  'State of the Clubhouse' 

Despite the limitations imposed by COVID, the clubhouse saw a lot of activity in 2021, thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of the Maine Colony residents and our supporters. 

Our, now monthly, Concerts for the Roof series kicked off in June, bringing new voices to the clubhouse and generating needed funds for our roof replacement. The concert series has also been successful in bringing new audiences and attention to our community and clubhouse. Our next concert is Sunday afternoon, Jan 23 at 2pm, featuring Maine colonist, Gwen Fogt. 

Speaking of the roof, Maine Colony resident and realtor, Merryl Koven has made an incredibly generous offer to our community! She is offering 10% of her commission for every sale made from referrals she receives from those who mention the offer. Her donations will go towards the clubhouse's roof replacement.

This past year, another generous supporter, neighbor, Chris Zelinski and Fahey Pest and Lawn Solutions, stepped up to help protect and preserve our historic wooden clubhouse by donating a sorely needed termite fumigation.

PCC Board Vice President, Tom Hicks, with George Karabatsos and Ray Williams installed new windows and continue to make progress in restoring the clubhouse kitchen. Jim Ferguson replaced the east side dormer windows. And Joe Steplyk and Fiona Hope lent their expertise by patching our ailing roof. In addition to her ongoing support, PCC Board member, Leslie Drinkwater donated new flooring for the clubhouse bathroom. 

We are close to completing our application to become a 501(c)(3) non profit. Although "Phillippi Crest Club, Inc." has been a not for profit corporation since the 1980's, having the 501(c)(3) designation means donations will be tax deductible and will increase our eligibility to apply for grants. 

We are excited to be planning the first ever (at least in this century!) Maine Colony Community Day, this spring. We will have food, performers, vendors, speakers and exhibits. We welcome your input into creating this event, which we hope will increase awareness and appreciation of our historic clubhouse and its mission. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, ideas or resources that will help make this a successful event.

Sneak peek of what will be part of a historic exhibit we are creating for the community day: This video is of home movies of our neighborhood in the 1930's and was discovered in the archives of the state of Maine's Northeast Historic Film collection. It features Maine Colony homes and the clubhouse. Please take a look and let us know if you can identify any of the homes so we can add them as titles in the video. 

Sadly, we wished the Clausen family a fond farewell last month as they departed Sarasota to start their next chapter. Melissa and Paul have been tireless contributors to the clubhouse. Melissa has been our board's meticulous secretary and, among other tasks, Paul has been the audio/visual expert for our events. Along with their children Mabel (featured in this clubhouse promo!) and Henry and dog Rosie, they will be missed on Burlington Lane. 

The new year means renewal time for members. You can renew using this link. New members can join using this link.  Those who joined late in 2021 won't be expected to renew until next year. For an additional donation, you can receive a "Maine Colony" poster, framed or unframed. 

A reminder that the PCC Board meets at the clubhouse every first Tuesday of the month at 6pm and anyone is welcome to attend.

Thanks to all who contributed in 2021 and looking forward to an active 2022 at the clubhouse!

Jeffrey Frank & Anja Palombo 

Co-Presidents of the Board of the Philippi Crest Club, Inc