Our Mission

The Phillippi Crest Club, Inc is a volunteer group of neighborhood residents committed to:

CREATING an inclusive neighborhood alliance that fosters harmony and good will for its residents.

PRESERVING and maintaining the historical integrity of the Phillippi Crest Community clubhouse.

UTILIZING the clubhouse for events and activities that promote community connection.

Built in the 1920's, the Phillippi Crest Community Club is located in The Maine Colony on Phillippi Creek in Sarasota, FL and serves as a vital fixture of the neighborhood, used for events and activities that promote community connection.
This video is of home movies of our neighborhood in the 1930s (and a 'controlled burn' gets out of control!) and was discovered in the archives of the state of Maine's Northeast Historic Film collection. It features Maine Colony homes and the clubhouse. Let us know if you can identify any of the people, homes or locations so we can add them as subtitles.
National Register of Historic Places.pdf

National Register of Historic Places